• Complex Property Division: Our team of attorneys work with a variety of professional experts including forensic accountants, actuaries, and property appraisers to build successful cases for our clients.
  • Business Valuation:  The presence of a family business or a business owned by a spouse in a divorce adds a level of complexity to the proceedings in Illinois that we will assist you in navigating.
  • Retirement Accounts:  We have the experience, skills, and resources necessary to resolve issues regarding disputes over pensions, 401(k) accounts, and other retirement assets.
  • Maintenance (“Alimony”):  We will assess whether your situation warrants spousal maintenance, and if so, the amount and duration thereof.
  • Modification of Maintenance:  Our attorneys are readily available to review existing spousal maintenance orders and can thoroughly advise you about your options for requesting a modification.
  • Non-Marital Property:The idea that spouses must equally divide their property in a divorce is a common misconception.  Non-marital assets of a spouse are not subject to equitable distribution and our attorneys assist our clients with identifying these properties.
  • Hidden Assets:  Although Illinois law requires all parties in a divorce to disclose all of their assets and income, it is very common for spouses to hide assets from each other.  Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge that enable us to discover unreported income and assets. 

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